Chaz is a 79.2 pound dog that was just adopted. Based on his foster home his daily energy intake is 1,840 kcal. Chaz’s new owners would like to use a different brand of food that contains 3,523 kcal/kg of food and a cup of food weighs 100grams. how many cups should chaz be fed everyday?a) 4 and 3/4 cupsb) 6 cupsc) 5 and 1/4 cupsd) 3 and 1/2 cups

Accepted Solution

Answer:option (c)5 and  [tex]\frac{\textup{1}}{\textup{4}}[/tex]  cupsStep-by-step explanation:Given:Weight of Chaz = 79.2 poundsDaily energy intake requirement = 1,840 kcalEnergy present in different brand food = 3,523 kcal/kgTherefore, the amount of food required = [tex]\frac{\textup{Daily energy intake requirement}}{\textup{Energy present in different brand food}}[/tex]orthe amount of food required = [tex]\frac{\textup{1,840}}{\textup{3,523}}[/tex]orthe amount of food required = 0.52228 kgalso, 1 kg = 1000 gramstherefore, the amount of food required = 0.52228 × 1000 = 522.28 gramsnow,A cup of food weighs 100 gramshence, the number of cups required = [tex]\frac{\textup{the amount of food required }}{\textup{Amount of food per cup}}[/tex]orthe number of cups required = [tex]\frac{\textup{522.28}}{\textup{100}}[/tex]orthe number of cups required = 5.2228 ≈ 5 and [tex]\frac{\textup{1}}{\textup{4}}[/tex]  cupsHence, the correct answer is option (c)