Find the difference between the fastest girls time and the slowest girl time. Barbra ran 3 3/10, Donna ran 2 4/5 , Cindy ran 4 3/5 and Nicole ran 2 1/10

Accepted Solution

Answer: 2.5 or 2 1/2Step-by-step explanation: You can convert the mixed fractions to decimal numbers: - Divide the numerator by the denominator of the fraction. - Add the result to the whole number. Thenyou have: Barbara's time: [tex]3\ 3/10=3+0.3=3.3[/tex] Donna's time: [tex]2\ 4/5=2+0.8=2.8[/tex] Cindy's time: [tex]4\ 3/5=4+0.6=4.6[/tex] Nicole's time: [tex]2\ 1/10=2+0.1=2.1[/tex] As you can see, the fastest girl is Cindy and the slowest girl is Nicole. Then, you must make the following subtraction to calculate the difference: [tex]4.6-2.1=2.5[/tex] or 2 1/2