I really need help with this problem thank you. Charlie wants to order lunch for his friends. He'll order 6 sandwiches and a $2 kid's meal for his little brother. Charlie has $32. How much can he spend on each sandwich is they are all the same price? Choose two answers: One for inequality that models this situation and one for the correct answer.A. Inequality: 6x+2 > ( greater than or equal too ) 32B. Inequality: 6x+2 < ( less than or equal too ) 32 C. Answer: $13 or less D. Answer: $5 or less E. Inequality: 2x+6 < 32F. Inequality: 2x+6 < ( less than or equal too ) 32

Accepted Solution

So, obviously, since one of the prices is given, which is $2.00 for the kid's meal, then you need to subtract that from his $32.00 total to know what number you need to divide into the 6 sandwiches. So, so far you have $30.00. If you divide $30.00 by the 6 sandwiches, you will find out he could only spend $5.00 per sandwich. So basically, you got the expression of (32 -2) / 6 in order to find out that your answer is $5.00. Looking at you answer choices, I can see right away that D is correct. For the inequality, I can see that B would be the correct answer for this problem because he can't go over budget. So, your answers are B and D.