In Exercises 15 and 16, tell whether the triangle with the given sidelengths is a right triangle.15. 10 cm, 10 cm, V200 cm16. 9 in., 16 in., 25 in.​

Accepted Solution

15. 10 cm, 10 cm, V200 cm  : Right Angled Triangle16. 9 in., 16 in., 25 in. : Not a right angled triangleStep-by-step explanation:In order to check whether the given sides form a right angled triangle, we check if the sum of squares of two shorter sides is equal to the square of third longest side.So15. 10 cm, 10 cm, V200 cm[tex]The\ shorter\ sides\ are\ 10cm\ and\ 10cm\\Let \\a=10\\b=10\\c=\sqrt{200}So,\\c^2=a^2+b^2\\(\sqrt{200})^2=(10)^2+(10)^2\\200 = 100+100\\200 = 200[/tex]The triangle is a right angled triangle.16. 9 in., 16 in., 25 in.​Herea = 9 inb=16 in c=25 inSo,[tex]c^2=a^2+b^2\\(25)^2=(9)^2+(16)^2\\625=81+256\\625=337[/tex]The given triangle is not a right angled triangle.Keywords: Triangle, Right angled TriangleLearn more about triangle at:brainly.com/question/12896802brainly.com/question/12973601#LearnwithBrainly