Pablo folds a straw into a triangle with side lengths of 4x2 – 3 inches, 4x2 – 2 inches, and 4x2 – 1 inches. The perimeter of the triangle is 12x2 – 6 inches. If x = 1.5, what was the length of the straw before it was folded? inches

Accepted Solution

Answer:The length of straw is 21 inches.Step-by-step explanation:Given :Lengths of straw = [tex]4x^2-3[/tex] , [tex]4x^2-2[/tex], [tex]4x^2-1[/tex] inches.Perimeter of the triangle is [tex]12x^2-6[/tex]  inches.Perimeter of triangle is sum of three sides .Thus, when we open the triangle we obtain the length of straw thus perimeter is the length of the straw.Given x = 1.5 inchesPut in perimeter, we get,Length of straw = Perimeter of triangle= [tex]12x^2-6[/tex] at x = 1.5 inches[tex]\Rightarrow 12(1.5)^2-6=12\times2.25-6=27-6=21[/tex]Thus, the length of straw is 21 inches.